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What is YES Children’s Ministry? In short, YES stands for Young Excited and Saved.  YES Children’s Ministry is our ministry to families with children ages 4 through 12. It is designed to help children have fun while learning more about who God is and how He loves and cares for them.


While we understand that we are developing the next generation of leaders, it is imperative to us that our children leave our presence understanding how special they are to God and that they belong to Him! Our leaders take joy in providing our children with a true experience with God, which is accomplished through sound, biblically-based teaching, in a fun, loving environment which includes age-appropriate and hands-on lessons, activities, games, and songs.


At YES, we invite our children to participate in worship and recognize that we don’t just “go to worship” but rather we’re a part of worship. We also want to prepare our children to understand why we do what we do during worship.  We strive to share the knowledge of God and His love as a foundation of a child's faith and encourage each child to experience God's presence by way of a personal relationship with Him.

YES Children's Church Director: Mother Linda Love

YES Children's Color: Blue & Yellow

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