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Dear Pastors/Leaders,

We are so grateful and excited that you have expressed an interest in Prayer Deliverance Fellowship International. PDFI is a network of pastors who desire is to fulfill “The Great Commission” which is A personal directive from Jesus Christ to all His followers. A timeless and wonderful adventure in faith for all Christians. Jesus calls every Christian to step out in faith and spread the Good News and "to make disciples of all the nations". This is faith in action! 


The members of PDFI will have opportunities for fellowship and a greater connection within its partnerships. Becoming a part of this Fellowship is simple and easy. Any church, ministry, or fellowship is welcome to apply for the member that subscribes to PDFI Statement of Faith and can substantiate such agreement through organizational statements of faith, which desires to cooperate in the work of the Prayer Deliverance Fellowship International, is eligible to apply for membership by completing an application

Step 1: Review Statement of Faith & Statement of Basic Belief

Step 2. Complete the application and submit supporting documents to our International Headquarters.  

Step 3: The Application is then submitted to our Presiding Prelate and/or the Executive Council.  The application process takes up to 14 business days.

Step 4: Acceptance/Denial

  • You will receive via email a letter of acceptance or denial, if accepted

  • You will receive your Official Welcome Packet,

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