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We are Christ’s ambassador on assignment to this world. God wants you to be salt and light to a needy world. He wants you to bring people to Him as they observe your life and as you demonstrate His truth. God tells us our purpose for life is to please Him. As we live to please God, we will experience fulfillment as a by-product of pursuing His true purpose for life.

You are here to make a contribution through the life and the abilities God has given you. God has carefully planned what He wants you to accomplish in the lives of those He has placed in your path.. There are needs within the world and the body of Christ that you have been specifically designed and equipped to fulfill. You have a purpose. 

  1. The Priority of Fellowship

    • Fellowship involves a common sharing or partnership with one another.

    • Fellowship occurs when life experiences are shared – when we live as a community of people who are tied together by a common bond.

    •  In Acts 2:42, the first church body “devoted themselves to fellowship.”

  2. The Program for Fellowship

    • Fellowship is the most important thing God wants from us. He wants us to come to know him – to be with him – to spend time with him.

    •  Fellowship with God covers all our giving to Him, all our taking from Him, and expresses our faith in and love for Him. God gives Himself to us as our Father on the basis of redemption wrought for us by the gift of His Son. We receive "childship" from God, and a title to all the blessings that "childship entails.

  3. The Process for Fellowship

    • While God has provided everything we need for fellowship in all its aspects, we must appropriate that fellowship by abiding in Christ. We must exercise our volition to act on our new life in Christ.

  4. The Product of Fellowship:

    • Fellowship with the body of Christ is not just an option, but is critical to our continued survival as Christians. 

    • We need the preaching and teaching from God’s Word, the atmosphere of worship and praise, the encouragement which we draw from our brethren, the opportunities of Christian service, and we need the opportunity to practice love toward other Christians. 

  The Four Principles of Purpose

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