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Our Presiding Prelate

Bishop Dr. Eric L. Barnes Sr. began his life in ministry in 1990 serving for over 30 years in the Church of God in Christ holding various positions including Administrative Pastor, Chairman of the Church Council, Assistant to the Chief Jurisdictional Adjutant, Jurisdictional Evangelist, Assistant Pastor of and one of the National Chief Adjutant of The Churches of God in Christ as well as positions in the International Missions. One of his greatest accomplishment in this department is The Home & Foreign Missions growing from 7 to 100 churches included the countries Columbia & Venezuela.

Desiring to continue his education, he was encouraged and led to attend Grand Rapids Baptist Academy and received his Doctorate of Theology from Kingdom University International on July 12, 2019.. Accepting his Apostolic Calling in 2009 and receiving the Holy Right Hand of Fellowship given to all true Apostles he is an Affirmed Apostle. In 2014 still desiring to follow the Great Commission, after having in home bible study, a growing youth ministry, “The Iron Man Empowerment Ministries” he knew it was time to reestablish Royal Priesthood Ministries & Prayer Deliverance Fellowship International (PDFI) where he is truly an anointed vessel of the Lord, who is totally sold-out to the ministry of Jesus Christ. He willingly releases himself to God, and his life is shaped by and centered on God.  He is also the Founder and Chancellor of the Royal Priesthood Theological Seminary. 

Many have been blessed by the testimony of God's power in the life & ministry of Bishop Barnes, as a pastor to pastors, he mentors over 100 men including, Pastor’s, Bishop’s and Apostle’s. He was Consecrated as a Bishop in 2017 and is leading the people of God into its divine purpose and destiny. He teaches the Word of God with anointed power, authority and conviction. He has taken his God-given gifts and passion and put them into action, allowing his ministry to flourish in ways that speak to the hearts and minds of many. Bishop Barnes is anointed by God to heal the sick, cast out devils, works in miracles, Signs and Wonders and with his prophetic gift and worship is a great blessing


Bishop Eric L. Barnes Sr. is married to the love of his life Mother Lisa Marie Barnes, who is Co-Pastor of Royal Priesthood Ministries and General Supervisor of Prayer Deliverance Fellowship International. They are the loving parents of 10 children 43 grandchildren. 

He is the author of “Born to Serve”., co-author alongside his wife “Walking as One...The Road Unity” “Our Love Has No Limits” Bishop Eric L. Barnes strives to live by the theme he has embraced as a means of inspiration and motivation for more than twenty-nine years, "Restoration and Transformation”.   He is a man of God who is destined to change the nation by allowing the anointing that God has on his life to be released in the atmosphere by preaching and teaching the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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