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About Us​

Prayer Deliverance Fellowship International is a Christian Fellowship that is striving to impact the world for the glory of God through equipping people to live lives that are: Gospel-Centered, Pursuing Christ, Aligning Biblically, Loving Others, and Making Disciples.

We, as the body of Christ, follow His will and work together as one (I Corinthians 12: 12-31). Prayer Deliverance Fellowship International (PDFI) exists to glorify God and extend His Kingdom by making disciples in the way of Jesus through the power of the Spirit. We believe that God has called us to become a multi-cultural, multi-generation, mission-minded community deeply involved in our neighborhoods and across the globe. We are committed to continuing to develop the multi-cultural, multi-generational, mission-minded community that God keeps calling us to.

At PDFI we declare the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, boy, and girl. By Taking the Word of God everywhere we go, being a light to those in darkness, and bringing souls to the knowledge of God. We will Teach and preach the unadulterated truth about the awesome power of God.

PDFI is  Bible believing fellowship that takes The Great Commission seriously. I believe that Jesus Christ Himself gave this mandate to His followers and He equips and empowers His church to carry it out through the power and presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. God has a role in identifying His divine plan for your life, but hopefully and prayerfully provides an avenue for you and your ministry to realize the fulfillment of it.



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