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Our name reflects who we are. We are Christians who are passionate about the Bible and who relate to one another in love and to others with the compassion of Jesus Christ.


A core value has been defined as "a principle, a standard, or quality to which we are committed, that lies at the heart of what we are and defines our identity."

  1. We Value the Bible

    • The Bible is our final authority for life and living

  2. We Value Worship of God/Fellowship with God

    • Our purpose is to worship God.

    • Through Christ's atoning work, we have fellowship with God, allowing us the privilege of bringing glory and honor to God

  3. We Value Fellowship with God's People

    • Fellowship is evidenced by developing intentional loving relationships within each church and among the churches.

  4. We Value the Church

    • The church functions as an extended family, purposefully strengthening each individual and family unit, while emerging servant leaders.

  5. We Value the Church's Mission

    • The Mission of the church is the Great Commission, a commitment to reaching the loss of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations by baptizing and teaching them to obey the commandments of God

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